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Aerobic Rice cultivation

Technologies Aerobic Rice Cultivation

The looming crisis for irrigation water has posed a serious threat to the traditional high water requiring crops especially the irrigated low land rice ecosystem. At this instance, aerobic rice cultivation, a system of growing rice in non-saturated soil by sowing in dry soil without puddling and impounding of water seems to be a vital one. This new system of cultivation finds its suitability to tank fed areas where there is limited but assured supplemental water is available.

Interventions adopted

Variety - PMK-3
Seed rate - 30 kg ha-1
Field preparation  - 1 disc/mould board ploughing + 2 cultivator ploughings + 1 rotovator
Sowing - TNAU Aerobic rice drum seeder (20X10 cm)
Weed management - Pre emergence application of Pendimethalin at 0.75 kg ha-1
+ Aerobic rice drum weeder at 25 and 45 DAS
Fertilizer dose - 150:50:50 kg NPK per ha


Sub Basin - Varaghanadhi
Implementing Unit - Oilseed Research Station, Tindivanam
Physical Area Covered - 4 ha
Number of Beneficiaries - 4

The new system of aerobic rice cultivation was introduced at Varaghanadhi sub basin in an area of 10 ha with 4 beneficiaries in 2 blocks.  The beneficiaries with bore well as source of irrigation were chosen for the demonstration.  A maximum of 5158 kg ha-1 was recorded at Th.Janagaraj's field (Gingee block) and the average productivity was found to be 4347 kg ha-1.