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An ICT based Technology Transfer Model

Technologies E Velanmai

It is a fact that less than 20 per cent of the technologies generated by State Agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes were transferred to the farmers field in India. One of the vital reasons for this low extent of dissemination of agricultural technologies from lab to land is due to the lack of an appropriate extension /technology transfer model in Agriculture that can establish better linkage between Scientists and farmers in order to facilitate effective dissemination of location specific technologies in a timely manner. Keeping this as a background and the research issue an attempt was done to test verify and validate the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based extension model called 'e-Velanmai' for dissemination of agricultural technologies from the Scientists of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University directly to the needed farmers in the selected command areas of Tamil Nadu state. This experiment was started during July 2007 and it is carried out with the support of the TN-IAMWARM project of the Government of Tamil Nadu.