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Improved Production Technology for Cotton

Technologies Improved Production Technology For Cotton

Under TN-IAMWARM project, it has been proposed to increase the productivity and quality of cotton in Arujunanadhi sub basin, for which assured market linkages are available in this basin.  Introduction of hybrids in the sub basin would offer better solution to the cotton growers for getting better price with superior quality produce. Under this concept the demonstration on improved cotton production technology was proposed by TNAU under mission mode concept.

Interventions adopted

Technologies Improved Production Technology For Cotton 1

Introduction of improved cotton varieties suitable to the sub basin (SVPR-2 and Bt hybrid cotton) Maintenance of optimum plant population Integrated Nutrient Management with bio fertilizers Increasing nutrient efficiency through split application of nutrient Adopting Adapted Srivilliputhur Integrated Pest Management (ASIPM) module


Sub Basin - Arjunanadhi
Implementing Unit - Cotton Research Station, Sriviliputhur
Physical area covered - 120 ha
Number of beneficiaries - 178
Impact area achieved - 700

Cotton is a commercial crop and is being cultivated as winter irrigated and as summer crop in Arjunanadhi sub basin. An area of 120 ha was allotted as physical area and the entire area was covered during summer, 2007-08.