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System of Rice Intensification

Technologies System Of Rice Intensification

The highest yield in SRI was found in Nichabanadhi sub basin (9744 kg ha-1) followed by Anaivarai odai (9400 kg ha-1) and Swethanadhi (9353 kg ha-1). The overall yield obtained in SRI was 6847 kg ha-1 and conventional was 5061 kg ha-1. The over all percentage increase in SRI over conventional was 35.2. A Wide variation (7.2 to 79.5%) in yield increase due to SRI over conventional was found for different subbasins. The highest percentage increase was recorded in Upper velar sub basin (79.5) followed by Koundiniyanadhi (63.9) and Pennaiyar (61.1). The lowest percentage increase was found in Therkar sub basin.

Interventions adopted

  • Seed rate of 7.5 kg ha-1
  • Mat nursery
  • Young seedling (14-15 days) for planting
  • Single seedling per hill
  • Square planting with wider spacing (25 x 25 cm)
  • Rotary weeding upto 40 DAT at 7-10 days interval starting from 10 DAT
  • Irrigation after disappearance of ponded water
  • Nitrogen management through Leaf Colour Chart (LCC)