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Thornless Bamboo

Technologies Thronless Bamboo 1

Sub Basin - Varaganadhi
Implementing Unit - Oilseed Research Station, Tindivanam
Physical area covered - 20 ha
Number of beneficiaries - 8

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has introduced thornless bamboo as an alternate crop in Villupuram district (Varaghanadhi sub basin) for the first time with an objective of overcoming the existing labour and water crisis and to get assured returns from the marginal lands.

Village Area (ha)
Kaspakaranai 4.0
Mathurthirukai 4.0
Anniyeri 2.0
Reddipalayam 4.0
Melsithampur 3.0
Hunumanthapuram 2.0
Sathyamangalam 1.0

Technologies Thronless Bamboo 2

In an area of about 20 ha thornless bamboo has been introduced in 7 villages covering 8 beneficiaries. At present the crop is in 5-6 months old. It is expected that abundant scope exists there to start bamboo based industries and paper mills in the basin in the years to come.