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Tamil Nadu - Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water-Bodies Restoration and Management

A Multidisciplinary Project funded by World Bank and implemented by the Water Resources Organization (WRO), PWD and Government of Tamil Nadu as the Nodal Agency.

TN-IAMWARM All Phase Basins TN-IAMWARM All Phase Basins
Lakh Hectares of Ayacut areas
Selected Sub Basins (Tamil Nadu)

Phase 1 (2007-08)
 - 09 Sub Basins
Phase 2 (2008-09)
 - 16 Sub Basins
Phase 3 (2009-10)
 - 25 Sub Basins
Phase 4 (2011-12)
 - 04 Sub Basins
Totally 55 sub basins was covered at the year 2013 with an out lay of Rs.2547 crores.
The Coordinating Line Departments
  • » Agricultural Engineering Department
  • » Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)
  • » Department of Agriculture
  • » Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops
  • » Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business
  • » Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying
  • » Fisheries Department

Tamil Nadu Agriculture University

Tamil Nadu Agriculture University

TNAU is one of the line departments mainly concentrating the upscaling of water saving technologies in rice and major garden land crops. The total out lay for TNAU is Rs.88.90 crores. The technologies identified for large scale promotion are system of rice intensification (Rajarajan 1000), improved production technologies (IPT) on garden pulses, cotton, maize, sunflower, groundnut and gingelly will be demonstrated in farmers’ field.

Promotion of new crops viz., thornless bamboo and coco intercropping in coconut is also programmed. Precision farming with drip fertigation will be demonstrated with sugarcane, banana, vegetables, tapioca, coconut and flowers. Besides the concept of organic farming seed village is promoted in the sub basins. E-velanmai is one of the novel technology will be tested on pilot basis. Under farm mechanization, the labour saving implements like tractor drawn seed drill, maize husker cum sheller and sunflower thresher will be introduced in all the sub basins. For value addition, mini dhal mill is introduced in the selected sub basins. The implements like coconut shredder will be introduced under waste recycling. Vermi bag – a cost effective portable unit will be demonstrated on a large scale.