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Technologies System Of Rice Intensification
System Of Rice Intensification (SRI)
System Rice Intensification (SRI) is one among the scientific management tool of allocating irrigation water based on soil and climatic condition to achieve maximum crop production per unit of water applied over a unit area in unit time.
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Technologies Improved Production Technology For Maize
Improved Production Technology For Maize
Maize is emerging as an important crop in Tamil Nadu for food, feed and industrial purposes. Maize grains are mostly used as a component of feed for animals. Large and small scale animal feed industries depend on maize production, as maize grain shares about 60% of the feed.
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Technologies Improved Production Technology For Pulses
Improved Production Technology For Pulses
Pulses are the major sources of dietary protein in the vegetarian diet in our country. It is a rich source of protein and possesses 2-3 times more than that of many other cereals. India is the largest producer with 33 per cent of global area.
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Technologies Improved Production Technology For Oilseeds
Improved Production Technology For Oilseeds
Tamil Nadu occupies major area under groundnut crop i.e. 40 per cent of total area. Having a physical target of 337 ha covering 658 beneficiaries, the improved groundnut production technology was demonstrated in 5 sub basins.
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Technologies Improved Production Technology For Cotton
Improved Production Technology For Cotton
Under TN-IAMWARM project, it has been proposed to increase the productivity and quality of cotton in Arujunanadhi sub basin, for which assured market linkages are available in this basin. Introduction of hybrids in the sub basin would offer better solution to the cotton growers for getting better price with superior quality produce.
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Technologies Thronless Bamboo
Thronless Bamboo
TNAU has introduced thornless bamboo as an alternate crop in Villupuram district (Varaghanadhi sub basin) for the first time with an objective of overcoming the existing labour and water crisis and to get assured returns from the marginal lands.
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Technologies Casuarina Saucer Planting
Casuarina Saucer Planting
In Pambar sub basin, Casuarina is being cultivated by the farmers under conventional method (2m x 2m spacing). The water requirement of casuarina is mainly met out through rainfall supplemented with irrigation based on the availability of irrigation water.
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Technologies Cocoa Intercropping In Coconut
Cocoa Intercropping In Coconut
Cocoa is hardly grown as a mono crop. Its imminent capacity to share the alley spaces of tall growing coconut and arecanut palms and its combining ability with the microclimatic conditions available in such perennial gardens helps its cultivation in utilizing such areas without exacting for an independent growing climate of its own.
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Technologies Aerobic Rice Cultivation
Aerobic Rice Cultivation
Aerobic rice cultivation, a system of growing rice in non-saturated soil by sowing in dry soil without puddling and impounding of water seems to be a vital one. This new system of cultivation finds its suitability to tank fed areas where there is limited but assured supplemental water is available.
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Technologies Precision Farming
Precision Farming
Practice of drip fertigation along with hybrids to boost the crop and water productivity.
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Technologies Organic Farming
Organic Farming
Organic farming is a form of agriculture that excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators, livestock feed additives and genetically modified organisms. The role of organic agriculture is to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings.
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Technologies Seed Village Concept
Seed Village Concept
Using good quality seeds is the prime step towards achieving higher productivity in any crop. But the farmers are utilizing the local seeds of poor quality or the grains obtained from the previous crops as seed material leading to a reduced yield Realizing the need for the cost involved in purchasing the seed and timely availability of seeds.
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Technologies E Velanmai
E-Velanmai is a pilot project for IT-based personalized Agro-advisory system. It aims to improve farm productivity by delivering high quality personalized (farm-specific), query-less advice in a timely manner to each farm at the door-step of the farmer.
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Technologies Price Forecasting And Market Intelligence
Price Forecasting & Market Intelligence
Agriculture in Tamil Nadu is characterized by production led agriculture and not market led production. The choice of the crop and other farming enterprises, given soil and water constraints, should be based on demand in the market, anticipated prices to prevail in different seasons in nearby assembly markets and tenninal markets.
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Technologies Sri Transplanter
SRI Transplanter
In SRI, row to row spacing is being maintained around 20-25 cm or more. In the Chinese type transplanter, the row to row spacing is normally fixed as 24 cm and the plant to plant spacing as 16 cm. Since the SRI method of cultivation mainly practiced.
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